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ЗАО “Авиаучебный центр”

“Aviatraining Centre” CJSC

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Через знание к развитию

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Through knowledge to development

About us



Armenian Civil Aviation was founded in 1933, followed by the establishment of the training squadron in 1961. The squadron got its current name, “Aviatraining Center”, and since 2001 it has retained the current organizational legal form – CJSC.

Aviatraining Center is the only institution in the Republic of Armenia that carries out educational programs in the field of civil aviation specialists’ basic training, as well as upgrading and retraining of qualified professionals.

During the years of the Artsakh war the center has trained 39 pilots and 44 aircraft maintenance technicians by the request of the Ministry of Defense of the RA.

In1994-1997s  Aviatraining center has trained 9 commercial aviation pilots of different types of aircrafts  for the first time in the history of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Armenia. And continuing that process:

- 2007-2017 -18 commercial pilots,

- 2004-2019 - 113 air traffic controllers,

- 2007-2019 - 141 technician-dispatchers in air transportation management,

- 2009-2017 – 31 aircraft maintenance technicians.

Many students, who have chosen the title of an aviator and graduated from the Aviatraining Center, currently work in the sphere of civil aviation both in Armenia and abroad.

The present Aviation Training Center (ATC) was established on the basis of the National Aviation School of the RA General Department of Civil Aviation, according to the Decree No 89 issued on March 9, 1993 by the Government of the RA, together with the Decree No 87 issued  on March 15, 1993 by the General Department of Civil Aviation of the RA.

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia has licensed the Center since 2003.

Aviatraning Center Mission is the training praiseworthy substitutes for civil aviation professionals.


-Giving initial, refresher and upgrading courses for flight crew members/ flight attendants, air traffic controllers, engineering and technical staff, , aviation security and transportation service staffs, as well as courses for other aviation specialists.


The graduates of the Center receive a state diploma and are ready to work in a range of civil aviation services.

Aviatraining Center has trained numerous aviation professionals since the establishment. The Center conducts training of aviation specialists in accordance with international aviation education standards and requirements, as well as prepares the following specialists according to the vocational educational programs:

- commercial pilots,

- air traffic controllers,

- technician-dispatchers in air transportation management

- aircraft maintenance technicians

Based on the Certificate of Conformity issued by the Civil Aviation Committee of the Republic of Armenia, the Aviatraining Center has the right to prepare:

- private pilots,

- flight attendants.

In addition, the center organizes Aviation English certification for pilots and air traffic controllers after taking the “Aviation English Language Proficiency” Test. This is where the native flight attendants are conducted initial courses and upgrade their qualifications.

The training, upgrading and knowledge enhancement courses for the flight and cabin crew members include the following mandatory courses:

- dangerous Goods Transportation,

- aviation Safety,

- human Factors,

- aviation English,

- aviation Legislation, etc.

Training courses for engineering staff include:

- fuel Tank Safety

- electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems and more.

In the framework of government-financed education, fifteen first-year high performing undergraduate students currently study full time at the Center. There is also a rotation system.  Admission is carried out by the secondary professional educational program, according to the vacancies for tuition-free /government-financed/ education and on paid basis. On a tuition-free basis, applicants with the maximum amount of secondary education certificate points (including examination points), are admitted first.


Training of aviation specialists is implemented in accordance with the requirements of international aviation organizations. The Center collaborates with the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, as well as with the Kiev Regional Center of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


Potential employers for the Aviatraining Center’s alumni are:

-  “Armenia International Airports” CJSC operating “Zvartnots” and “Shirak” Airports,

- “Armaeronavigation” CJSC,

- “Aquila Techniques” LLC,

- “Aircompany Armenia” LLC,

- “Armenia Airways” CJSC,

- “Atlantis European Airways” LLC,

- “Mars Avia” CJSC,

- “Taron Avia” LLC.