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ЗАО “Авиаучебный центр”

“Aviatraining Centre” CJSC

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Через знание к развитию

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Through knowledge to development




Flight Attendant General Aviation Course

Airbus 320 & Boeing 737 Type Training


“Aviatraining Center” JCSC is the only Civil Aviation Educational Center which prepares and trains different specialists in different aviation spheres.

Flight Attendant  is one of the  most exciting and challenging professions. It gives you wings to travel, eyes to see the world  and develops a great sense of responsibility to deal with people.

The course is provided by high qualified and experienced aviation specialists/instructors.

Course status – Accepting applications.

Course start date – January 2020.

Course structure:

Language of instruction:


 Age at the time of joining the course 18 - 25;


              - Live Video Virtual Classroom;

              - Cabin Safety and Procedure Manual;

              - Assignments.

Final assessemnet and certificate:

              - Final assessment will be in the last session of the course;

             - Course Completion Certificate will be given to students within 2 weeks of successful completion of the course.

Training location: